February is here!

Seems crazy that Feb 1st is a few hours away! With all this crazy cold -20F weather; Im

more than ready for the weather to be in the 70’s & 80’s running around barefoot in the garden! 

Thus far we have planted Mortgage Lifter tomatoes, Brad’s Atomic Grape tomatoes, Yellow Monster Bell peppers, Craig’s  Grande Jalapeño peppers, Big white onions and sweet pea flowers. Every week from here forward we’ll be planting more and more. Our spare bedrooms will turn into mini greenhouses until we can get them outside!


Once the ground u thaws, our plans for building a greenhouse will begin. I’m guessing it will be as much fun as hanging curtains haha! But it will definitely let us get an earlier start to planting once it’s up. We will continue to use low tunnels also which will give us some season extension! Whoever has the first red tomato wins is the way I look at it! I want to have tomatoes in the first CSA veggie boxes we offer up; unlike the rest of the competition who will have tomatoes in Late June early July!


Definitely ready for spring and warmer days and lower electric bills! Need to get some solar panels to reduce our costs in the long run!  Just more ideas to throw our time at!


This winter we have built a washing station as well as a lettuce bubbler that isn’t quite finished. Always seems like there are things to do during the winter regardless of those crazy negative 20 temps!  

Saturday is a Iowa Farmer’s Market association meeting so we will be getting our WIC certification! This will definitely be beneficial for us at the farmers markets because we will be able to accept WIC checks from the elderly who need those veggies the worst in some cases it seems. 

Well that’s all for now! Bring on March & April and more planting!!


Snowy covered lawn


Onions and Monster Bell peppers! 

Clinton & Kelli E.