New Year Sale & Future Plans

Happy New Year Everyone!

Well its here. 2019 came faster than we expected. We hope everyone a good Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are starting the year off with our biggest 2 day sale for the season on our CSAs. Hopefully it will spark some additional interest in our CSA we’re offering. We didn’t have the amount of sales we expected right away, but we figure the holiday gift giving season has everyone’s checkbooks spent down. So that is why we are doing a big sale after the first of the year. We doing 40% off all our CSAs until this Thursday at midnight.

We will be purchasing a large quantity of seeds in January, planting a few flower seeds that take longer to germinate as well as a few tomatoes. We are in the works of planning to build a DIY walk-in cooler in our garage that is 8 ft big in all directions. We also have plans to put up our first 20ft x 50ft greenhouse. We have a pole bender which we can use to bend the 10.5ft. aluminum poles to the correct angle for the greenhouse. It will definitely be about as fun as hanging curtains but it will definitely add a huge value to our property in terms of getting our veggies out sooner in the season, especially tomatoes, onions, carrots, bunching onions, radishes and salad greens. If I could just put a greenhouse over the entire back of the property I would.

Well thanks for reading, sharing, following and purchasing so we can further continue down this path of providing our local community with fresh veggies & flower!

Happy New Year to you all!