Winter is busy!


Well this week has gotten away from me! It seems like even though we don’t have much to take care of plant or garden wise we are still busy, busy!

This week I nearly finished a new washing station for the 2019 season. Have to put the roller wheels on it still to finish it off. This will help tremendously with harvesting so many veggies for farmers market and CSAs.

This week we also created a brochure so we can place these at some local businesses in town to help spark some more interest in our CSA offerings! We started looking at seeds and what we are planting for the 2019 season! We did come up with a wide assortment of veggies, some of those being the Mortgage Lifter Tomato, Oxheart Carrots, Purple Nantes Carrots, Buhl Sweet Corn, Edox Cherry Tomatoes, Yellow Monster Bell Peppers, Early Wonder Beets, Queen Acorn Squash, De 18 Johr Radish, Orange Butternut Squash, Georgia Rattlesnake Watermelons, Little Fingerling Carrots and Glass Gem Popcorn. Thanks to Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company & Johnny's Selected Seeds for the photos from their websites which are attached.

Looking through the seed magazines is hard, because you want to plant it all! We want to try new things, but honestly people are scared of new things like purple radishes or funky named vegetables. So it’s best for sales wise to stick to what we know people will like and want; maybe throw a few new things out there but sticking to the basics keeps people interested because they know how to eat and cook that certain veggie.

We are venturing into the micro green territory right now as it has a good return for our farm.If you’ve never eaten basil micro-greens on you’re scrambled eggs, you will wonder why you didn’t sooner once you do try them! For those that don’t know, micro-greens are any veggie that you only let grow from seed for 7-14 days. They make for a great salad or steak topper. You can also just have a micro green salad.

Something else we are looking at purchasing is a Jang seeder. This little $400 tool would provide us with extra ease in planting it would literally save us hours of planting! You push it down the bed and viola seeds planted. No more counting seeds by hand. The cool part is one full share veggie CSA’er would pay for it. Just got to get more customers!

Some veggies for 2019

Some veggies for 2019

Clinton & Kelli E.